Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Ringcold Trading


www.ringcold-trading.org is a crypto-currency exchange platform with the possibility to buy or sell through a credit card (external provider), or through crypto-currencies, an unlimited number of "Tokens" listed on our site. No financial products or investments will be offered on our site.   Ringcold-Trading will never ask for your login and password or your credit card details. If necessary, this will be considered as a scam.


Article 1- Situation

www.ringcold-trading.org is the property of Ringcold SA registered in Switzerland in the Canton of ZUG Gubelstrasse 11, ZUG RCS ZUG : CHE-380.153.149


Article 2- Principles

The present General Conditions including the annexes and subsequent amendments, constitute the agreement between you and the company Ringcold SA. We reserve the right to make any changes to the Terms and Conditions, and you will be informed immediately either by e-mail or by telephone. You can nevertheless contact us to stay informed about the latest news.


Article 3- Services

Our basic services: buying and selling crypto-currencies exclusively. Creation of a private wallet and secure transactions. Keeping track of your transactions, financial history, and in general all that concerns your personal wallet. Also daily information on the state of the crypto market in its entirety. The execution of orders (purchases and sales) is done at the market limit by default and it is possible to manually adjust this limit.


Article 4- Security

Ringcold SA is the guarantor of your wallet and the proper functioning of the site. We guarantee your funds, if a technical problem should occur, as long as you trade on our platform only. No refunds will be accepted if you use portfolios external to Ringcold-trading. We are not responsible for any errors that occur outside of our platform that could result in the loss of cryptocurrencies or international currencies. We use 2FA security and all movements are monitored. We ban all suspicious accounts that do not comply with our policy of using the platform without any refund (multiple accounts and account spamming etc..)


Article 5- Risks

The risk of using our Services is that you may lose the funds you have deposited in your Ringcold-Trading account.  Therefore, you should not trade or invest funds that you cannot afford to lose. It is important that you fully understand the risks involved before deciding to trade with us, taking into account your financial resources, experience and risk appetite. If necessary, you should seek advice from an independent financial advisor. The actual returns and losses you will experience will vary depending on many factors, including, but not limited to, market behavior, market developments and the size of your transaction. The value of your investments may go up or down. Past performance is not an indication of future performance.   


When you trade on a digital platform, such as the Ringcold-Trading platform, there is a risk that you may lose money as a result of:


* a failure of your computer/mobile device/digital device (including its battery);


* a weak internet connection or mobile signal, which means that you may not connect to the Ringcold-Trading platform, or if you do manage to connect, there may be a lag;


* hacking or the use of malicious software that allows a third party to access your information and/or assets;


* Incompatibility of your device with the Ringcold-Trading platform or system specifications, including due to incorrect system settings or specifications;


Occasional failure or malfunction of the site or your hardware or software You may contact us at any time if you experience technical problems or if you believe you have been a victim of fraud or misuse: contact@ringcold.org


Article 6- Account opening & Affiliation

By principle, any physical person can open an account on www.ringcold-trading.org. A "wallet" will be created automatically and a personal ID will be attributed in order to treat more easily the requests of each one. A referral link will also be assigned to promote our platform to the world and a percentage reward of the amount invested by the affiliate will be redistributed to the affiliate directly in dollars on his account. (See FAQ) Personal information: Personal information will be requested at the time of the opening of the account and we will ask for verification by email and telephone to avoid identity theft. Your information is kept in a safe place by our company so that we can return the funds to you when you withdraw.  


We will never sell your information to any company and we will keep it for the duration of your account and then delete it.   We do not allow multiple accounts to be opened by the same person in order to avoid price manipulation.   We may, at any time, request additional information and/or documentation (including as required by applicable anti-money laundering and similar regulations to which we are subject, as well as anti-fraud measures or other related internal procedures). It is your responsibility to take all reasonable steps to protect your account. For example, you must keep your security information, such as your user name and password, secret.


You should choose a password that is not easy to guess (for example, by using a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols) and that is unique to your account. We recommend that you do not reuse a password that you already use for other platforms/services. You should also allow two-factor authentication to your account to ensure its security.


Article 7- Fees

The fees for withdrawals after exchanges are fixed and in percentage: 1% of the withdrawal amount. We are not responsible for any fees charged on other wallets you may connect to our platform.


Article 8- Account closure

You can close your ringcold-trading account at any time by sending us an e-mail. Your account will be closed within seven days of receiving your e-mail. You can also close your account via the "profile" section of our platform. If you have any open trades then you will need to close your positions. We will do this for you if necessary.     For all technical or commercial inquiries please send your message to the following address: contact@ringcold.org